The Dictionary of Lost Words

It has been a while since I have enjoyed a fiction as much as this. The last one was The Dune. This was another book I picked up randomly in a book store. While reading the synopsis I understood it was related to the history of creating the Oxford Dictionary.

As I read the book the relation between the protagonist and her father captivated me. The story is grows as she grows. The early chapters reminded me of Tamina.

The book had its share of joy and sadness though the words were the ones that hooked me to it. I liked the style of the narrative. Pip, the author, stayed close to the original timeline of the making of Oxford Dictionary and has intertwined the fiction and the historical facts. It sometimes had me search for what was part of the story and what was history.

It brings to light the conditions women had to endure in the old days and it is something to reflect, even in 2022.