Phantoms in the Brain - Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind

Had this book not been written by a Neurologist one would think the stories were absolute fiction. The case studies in "You forgot to deliver the twin", "The woman who died laughing" are just so bizarre that it borders on insanity. Yet Ramachandran empirically shows the origin of each of these cases are from the brain. He gives just enough examples of strange cases to get you immersed into the book. The book is full of complex topics yet he makes it comprehensible for a layperson like me.

Ramachandran shows one just needs a curious and open mind for scientific purposes. Simple experiments such as using a mirror for Phantom hands, showing how your brain fills up blind spots using simple images proves the point. The book is both inspiring and informative and goes into my must read list.

Created on Feb 12 2017